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Death Stranding

Death Stranding Map & Hidden Locations you Might Have Missed

Today I gonna tell you about the game death stranding map, in this article we cover “death stranding full world map revealed” and”death stranding hidden locations”.

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Today I gonna tell you about the game death stranding map, in this article we cover “death stranding full world map revealed” and”death stranding hidden locations”.and you will get more information about all games like GTA 5, Apex Legends, Fortnite and more games so keep reading let’s begin.

Death Stranding Map
Game Credit: Kojima

Death Stranding Map

death stranding is divided into 3 world maps. the divided regions of this game are in the east and work your way which is in the towards the west. now we consider all the map regions that are situated in east region map, central region map, west region map. take a look in detail below.


I think you all remembered that the game starts with the east location. this region structure is medium-sized on the map.

if you want to cover the map from north-east to the south-west it would take you around 20 minutes. here you can see the grassland and some rocky areas also have some trees and concrete.


now we reveal the central region, here 3-8 episodes take place. this is the biggest map by far. this map is 3-4 times bigger than the east region. if you want to cover this map from north-east corner to south-west then you have to run about 40 min.

it will take too much time because the map is bigger than the east region map. central region map can expand much further east-west / south-north than the east region map, which makes it much bigger overall. here you can mainly see the grassland and snowy mountains


this is the last region of the game death stranding. in this region episode 9 tajes place. this map is too small as compared to the east region map and central region map. we can calculate this map as this is the 1/10 of the East region, you have to cover the map by yourself.

the full map is shown and revealed from the stating. this will allow you to moves on the plan routes, open the map, and put the waypoints with a square: to make a useful route. if you want to see waypoint while running or walking you can press L1.

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Death Stranding Map Hidden Location

Now we talk about our second topic which is death stranding hidden locations, I am going to define you all the hidden locations of this game, one of the most looking locations in this game can be found in the smooth curve in the center of the eastern regions, the musician is located at the top of the incline and

was one of the last preppers Left for me to find you’ll need this is you want to find all of them and max out your writing for all the preppers the earlier the better for this one in the central region at the very top left of the map where the river ends there’s the jellyfish-like BTS that can be spotted here, you would encounter a more aggressive type in this story but these groups seems to be less interested in you.

Another spot where these can be found is very north of the same region at this cliff edge.
during your playthrough, you may have completed a few pizza delivery tasks to a certain pita angler after completing the main story and returning to this location the back door will be open and is revealed if he hits home the whole time, along with their empty pizza boxes, down the right-hand side of the central region next to the mountain where the elder is located a huge coral formation mound can be found this is out the way of the normal tracks within the story and went undiscovered for me until looking from the memory chips one of these can be picked up close by.

just east of the craftsman there’s a hot spring I completely missed until after the story even though it is one of the more obvious looking, there is a lot of these scattered about the central region, and using this one will refill your health and stamina, then the longer you rest.

At the most southern part of the central region, one of the tallest mountains sits here and will remind you to always bring more ladders, once at the very top you will find this monument a memory chip and a nice view.

Information About Death Stranding

Death stranding is an action game it is developed by Kojima production and published by sony interactive entertainments for the PS4 and for Microsoft windows. death stranding directed by Hideo Kojima, on 8 November 2019 this game was released for PS4 and on 14 July 2020, this was released for Microsoft windows.

before the game released Kojima production released the game trailer, which got a very good response, a trailer is about 9 min and shows clearly what is going to happen in the game. death stranding is a completely new type of action game, in which the game of players reconnect isolated cities and fragmented society.

in death stranding game the main character is sam porter bridges which is played by Norman Reedus. let us consider the gameplay death stranding set as an open-world game. here you have to complete the task and have to find hidden locations,

The game is very huge from the inside. let we take the cast overview of the death stranding, Norman Reedus gave his voice to the character sam porter bridges Mads Mikkelsen gave his voice to the character Clifford unger
lea seydoux gave her voice to the character fragile troy baker gave his voice to the character Higgs Monaghan margared qualley gave her voice to the character mama/lockne whole conclusion is death stranding is a wonderful action-adventure game with an open world.

if you want to play the death stranding game you all need is a PC which has

  • Microsoft Windows 10 OS,
  • an intel core i5-3470 or AMD ryzen 3 1200 processor
  • 8 GB RAM.

we hope this article is useful for you. and I think we cleared you all doubts. if you have any queries you can comment below.
thank you for reading this article and for your given time.

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