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Cyberpunk 2077 Guns | Fire Rate of All Guns

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Hello readers, today we are going to talk about all Cyberpunk 2077 Guns. and we also talk about all guns are based on what. What type of guns are available in gameplay, are written below. so without wasting time let’s get started.

Cyberpunk 2077 Guns
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10 Best Cyberpunk 2077 Guns

1) DR5 NOVA:

This is a power revolver, available in Cyberpunk 2077, its proper name is Darra DR5 Nova. This revolver is loosely based on Mateba’s early revolver.


This gun stats its rarity, this is rare type of gun. To get this you have to be legendary from common. it depends on your character level.

3) RT-46 BURYA:

This is a revolver weapon, this is manufacture by techtronika, it cost crafting 20000€$. Let we see the rating of fire is 0.78 and its weight is 4.6 gm


this is a revolver you can find it in the night city. This is manufactured by Darra polytechnic, it can be changed to release a powerful shot. Its magazine capacity is 20 and the rate of fire is 3.53.

5) M76E OMAHA:

The Militech M76E Omaha is a tech pistol in the cyberpunk 2077 game. Its tag line is ” size doesn’t matter, results do”. M76E Omaha is a pistol, which is manufactured by militech. It gives damage 25-31, tech can be changed to release a powerful shot. Its magazine is 9 and the fire rate is 11.74.

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A smart Cyberpunk 2077 Guns that can find its target automatically. Yukimura was manufacture by arasaka. This can easily find. Its type is a pistol. It also works on microprojectiles. Having magzine capacity 30, and the rating of fire is 4.55.

7) A22B CHAO:

One of the smartest gun in Cyberpunk 2077 guns, which class is a pistol. And having a self-guidance microprojectile. Manufactured by Kang tao and with having weight 4.3, it can give damage 55-67.

8) NUE:

One of the pawer weapon it is. Its weapon is a powerful weapon. And its class is a pistol. Which is manufactured by Tsunami defense systems.


smell like gunpowder and freedom. Its type is a pistol. And manufactured constitutional arms. The magazine is 12 and the rate of fire 3.75.


It’s not rare you can find it easily, it is common. And its type is a pistol which is manufactured by Arasaka. Magazine capacity 12, Rate of fire is 3.57.

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