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BGMI Leaks IOS Release date (battleground mobile India) August 2021



If you also want to know that BGMI Leaks IOS Release date (battleground mobile India) then you can read this article completely. So without any delay, let us tell you what date has come out here BGMI update.

BGMI IOS Release Date Leaked 2021:

BGMI IOS Release Date Leaked: “Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS Release Date is set to 15th- 20th August”, IOS users’ wait is almost over and the most anticipated game will be releasing soon on the IOS devices. Battlegrounds Mobile India is set to release on the IOS later this month. Dynamo Gaming revealed the BGMI IOS release on stream. The streamer said, “Battlegrounds Mobile India IOS release date is set to 15th- 20th August.”

As per a report, the Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS version will be released on August 20. It is tipped that like the Android version release, BGMI iOS could first release as beta and then followed by the stable build. The beta release will surely be limited to few users and once the stable build releases, all iPhone and iPad users in the country will be able to get access to the game.

Battlegrounds Mobile India iOS information

Battlegrounds Mobile India has been teasing the release of the BGMI iOS version since last week. In a recent social media post, the game developer hinted that the iOS version of the game will be released much earlier than expected. This may hint at the August release. We still have to wait for Krafton to announce the release date before we can accept anything.

Why PUBG Mobile Banned and BGMI Came

You all must know that PUBG Mobile was banned at one time inside India, its clear reason was that PUBG Mobile was connected to China, so because of this a lot of controversies started to be created and that is why the government has made this move. did the application then closed the game.

If you do not know, then I will tell you that PUBG Mobile is a Korean game, but due to its shares being with the Chinese company Tencent, the Indian government had banned PUBG Mobile, but after a lot of requests from the people, finally Krafton ” PUBG Mobile India” was given a new name as “Battleground Mobile India”, and it was legalized and launched in India within a very short time.

And it’s a good thing that PUBG Mobile has prepared and published a separate game for them personally keeping in mind the Indian audience. But the government had placed a condition that we do not want any type of violence inside this game. So keeping such a thing in mind, Krafton has not put any kind of violence inside this game and if you kill an enemy then you will see wings flying there.

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