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The Best Landing Spots Fortnite | Fortnite Weather Station

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hello guys, in today’s article I am going to be talking about The best landing spots Fortnite for the new map in season 5. so without wasting any time let’s get started. here I have selected the top 5 best landing spots in Fortnite which you can see below.

The Best Landing Spots Fortnite

1) HYDRO 16:

Best Landing Spots Fortnite
Image Credit: Fortnite

hydro 16 is one of the best landing spots Fortnite, here you can loot. you can find this location in the east of slurpy swamp, which is situated on the western edge of the large lake at grid D7 of the map.

when you arrived at that area you can see that this is pretty huge and you can see the dam here, there is a very vast height drop off from the lakeside, the Fortnite hydro 16 encompass the road from the height of the damn. you can see the greenery here.


Fortnite Weather Station
Image Credit: Fortnite

One of the best landing spots in Fortnite is the weather station, this is placed in the mountains on the way up to the peak of mount kay, you can find it at the east of misty meadows and at just south of catty-corner.

at the weather station you can spot there anytime you don’t need to do climbing to reach there. after reaching there you can see the group of buildings and a helipad.

mountain shadow tucked on the corner of a ledge. when you visit here it’s easy to on your way to unlocking the built-in emote for the storm, and complete your challenges.


Image Credit: Fortnite

Salty towers are one of the best lading spots in Fortnite season 5, while it has a new modern name. at the end of the last day, the spot area is an updated version of tilted towers from way back in the day.

here you can do both grand loot and chests. it is very challenging to land at the salty towers, although the near buildings are good it’s not worst any stretch of the imagination.


Image Credit: Fortnite

let’s find out that flush factory is the best landing spots Fortnite or not. like the oldest area, it has also come back from the old Fortnite map, but now it is the untitled name.

to search it for landing, just take a vision for the group of buildings which is situated in the south of slurpy swamp. again, because it has the same designed as its old version.

There are lots of loot are available on the ground and tons of chests present. the good part of this spot is it is untitled means it does not have any name on the map.


This spot is also the best landing spots fortnite season 5, but this area is don’t have updated new. but it is still useful and worthy because there are tons of loot are available.

The good part is that all players landing at the new spots, many of the peoples don’t know about this spot, only less amount of people know this landing spot and if you are reading this you are one of them.

So I hope you get this Best Landing Spots Fortnite | You must have liked the Fortnite Weather Station article and if you want to know more updates of Fortnite, you can visit our website again. And Thank you so much for visiting.

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