Apex Legends Wall Running How To Do It Full Explanation 2021

So here we will know how to do Apex Legends Wall Running / Jump. Yes, it will be a little difficult to do this, but you can learn this thing by practicing a little. So let’s see how wall running inside Apex legends.

Apex Legends Wall Running

Apex Legends Wall Jump

Wall running was just recently discovered within the 2020 start. With his help you can climb on both the right and left sides of the wall and this is a very important trick which will make it very easy for you to dodge the enemies.

To do this, you have to practice a little bit inside the firing range because it is not so easy.

So here I will tell you how you can learn apex legends wall jumping in a few steps

  1. The Stats of Wall Running
  2. How To Wall Run (Step by Step)
  3. Wall Running Potential in Action

So first we would talk about what are the limitations inside the Apex legends wall running. So while moving the wall Running your movement speed will decrease by 14%.

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Best Apex Legends for Wall Run / Jump

So during this, what are the legends that will provide good speed, then there are Bloodhound, Bangalore and Octane. You are aware of this three legend that the speed of all these is increased in their ability.

So if you have any other legend, what you should do is that you keep your gun and jump and what will happen to him that if you have to shoot someone while jumping the wall then you can shoot it easily.

But let me tell you one thing that you cannot suit any gun while running on the wall. But you can do one thing that when you jump from the top of the wall only then you can shoot your enemy.

How far can you Apex Legends Wall Running?

You can do wall running / jump till the distance you see this image from one pillar to another pillar. After reaching your distance you hit the ground, otherwise your Apex Legends Wall Running will turn into a wall jump.

The Revenant cannot run the wall, So you can take any legend other than revenant but the best legends are Bloodhound, Bangalore and Octane for Apex Legends Wall Running.

How to Do Apex Legends Wall Run

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Although the wall run is simple, you need to follow some tricks for it otherwise it will not work. Before Wall Run, you have to decide in which direction you want to Wall Run.

What will happen with this help that you will know which button you have to press, if you do not know in which direction you have to go, then you will get confused and you will press the wrong button.

Step 1 Sprint Towards a Wall

Step 2 Slide, Then Jump

Step 3 Turn Your Aim Slightly

  • Turn your aim very slightly in the air it’s very important. it’s take the most practice.

Step 4 Move Left, As Soon As you Hit The Wall

  • Use your A key or Joystick if it’s done you will start your wall Run / Jump.

Step 5 Its Optional step

  • So you have to do this step when your Wall Run is at the end. So you have to wall Run/ Jump and take your Aim over the opposite direction of the direction you have held by holding it. If you are a very good player and your movement is also very good, then you can do this very easily.

So you have found out how to do Wall run / jump, so what you have to do now is that you have to practice it as much as possible with the help of which you learn this trick.

Benefit and Potential of Wall Run / Jump in Apex Legends

  • Many players thinks that this technique is very rarely used within the game. It is very important technique for advanced movement ability.
  • By using it, you can climb to reach a lot of places. And nobody would have expected that you reached such a place and from there you can kill those enemies.
  • So this was the potential of Apex Legends Wall Running / jump.

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