Apex Legends New Tracker, Revenant Heirloom, Voice Lines

Hello, in this article we will tell you about Apex Legends New Tracker, Revenant Heirloom & Voice Lines. So we will talk about which new Tracker is going to come inside Apex Legends and what will be the new heirloom of Revenant. And which voice lines are going to come inside Apex Legends. So without wasting time let’s get started.

Apex Legends New Tracker, Revenant Heirloom, Voice Lines
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Let’s talk about Apex Legends New Tracker

First, we will talk about which Apex Legends New Tracker we might get to see in the Apex Legends game. I’m talking about the stat tracker that you would equip on the banner. This is where Eric Hewitt who is the lead product manager of Apex Legends, requested that add melee kills counter And Ricky Spanish replying that he Believes it will improve player morale and engagement. And where Eric Gane tagged @m_ray who is part of the Apex Legends Analytics team. And @m_ray replied that he liked this idea but there could be a drawback that it will bring in metric fixation.

But @m_ray also said that there is a way around this though. And Eric replying to @m_ray said “I mean hey, we already have a Finisher tracker” There are a lot of trackers within the game. So everyone wants to add more trackers in it, maybe it will be very hilarious. And if someone wants melee tracker to be added to it, then it will be very hilarious too. Eric and those did give a positive response to the suggestion and also they both believe that it is possible. but maybe we just need Damage tracker in Apex Legends New Tracker.

Apex Legends Revenant Heirloom & Voice Lines

Apex Legends Revenant was launched in season 4, And right now season 8 is going on I’m sorry to disappoint the Revenant’s mains but this voice lines 4 seasons old is at this point. And let me tell you that Revenant Heirloom early Anytime Soon will not be released. No such news has come out yet, Revenant Heirloom will come in season 8 or before season 8. And let me tell you that the voice line of revenant given below is very old which people are spreading very much on social media.

  • ah Spilled Blood.
  • The real pleasures in their reaction.
  • I enjoyed every moment of that.
  • I like the way they scream.

All these voice lines have found a lot of them inside YouTube and Tick Talk, by telling them that this is a new voice line of revenant so let me tell you that it is extremely old. And let me also tell you that the Revenant Heirloom Anytime Soon is not going to come, then you should note this thing and do not talk about the people who are spreading all this fake news because they do not have any proof, that it is all things are coming or not.

Apex Legends Revenant Ability

  • Silence is the tactical ability of The Revenant, it blocks all the abilities of your enemies for 20 seconds.
  • Stalker is his passive ability, you can climb anywhere and you can crouch and walk-in speed.
  • Death Totem is his ultimate ability. What happens to him is that you will use Death Totem in one place and use it and fight against your enemies. If your enemy kills you, you will return to the Death Totem. You will not die. But your health will be half over.

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