Guide to Apex legends legendary items | What They Do?

Guide to Apex legends legendary items | What They Do?

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I will tell you inside this article that Guide to Apex legends legendary items & What They Do? what they don’t do in The Apex Legends Game. You can find more information about the Apex Legends game here. so without wasting time let’s get started.

Apex legends legendary items
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All Apex legends legendary items Complete Guide

So here I will give you complete guide that you will get the benefit of the legendary items. So the information for all the Legendary items is below.

1) Golden Knockdown Shield

Here you will get to see four variants of the knockdown shield. But right now we are going to talk about the golden knockdown shield. And this is very useful Apex legends legendary items.

  • You get to see 750 health inside the golden knock down shield.
  • You can revive yourself.

Here you will benefit, if your whole team is dead and you have a golden knock down shield then you can revive yourself.

In this, let me tell you three variants and which ones you will get to see the shield.

White Knockdown Shield

In the white variant, you will get to see 100 shield health. So while your team is fighting, you can protect yourself by using this shield. But if seen, you do not get much health inside this shield, then you cannot survive too much.

Blue Knockdown Shield

In the blue variant, you will get to see 250 shield health using which you can protect yourself from enemies as long as your team is fighting with enemies. So here you get 250 shield health, so you can survive a bit more.

Purple Knockdown Shield

In the purple variants, you will get to see 750 shield health and you can use it to protect against enemies. And because of the 750 health inside it, you can use it fully and survive for more time. And if you know, all the attachments of purple color give the most benefit after the legendary items.

2) Golden BackPack

You will get six additional slots in the Golden Backpack. And if you have a golden backpack here, then you will use any healing item, then inside it you will have 50% less time. So you can quickly grab any corner, heal yourself, and get involved in the fight again. this is a very useful Apex legends legendary items.

White Backpack

Inside it you will find two additional slots, using which you can keep more items in your backpack.

Blue Backpack

Inside the blue backpack, you get 4 additional slots, using which you can carry 4 more items.

Purple Backpack

Inside this epic backpack you will get 6 additional slots, using which you can carry 6 items more.

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3) Digital Threat

You can target your enemies comfortably by using digital threat. And one of the best benefits of this is that you can easily see enemies even inside the smoke of Bangalore and you can see enemies even inside the gas of Caustic.

So here you will get to see two types of digital threats Apex legends legendary items.

1X Digital Threat

1 X Digital Threat You Can Use in R-99, Pistols & Shot Guns.

4X-10X Digital Sniper Threat

4X-10X Digital Sniper Threat you can use snipers.

4) Golden Helmet

A lot of people are confused about what is the work of the helmet actually, so the helmet only reduces the damage caused by the shots on the head.

  • The Golden Helmet does 50% damage reduction and also increases the charge time of your tactical ability and an ultimate ability.

White Helmet

White Helmet Minor Head-shot Damage Reduction.

Blue Helmet

Blue Helmet Reduces 40% Damage.

Purple Helmet

Purple Helmet Reduces 50% Damage of Headshot.

5) Golden Body Shield

By using a body shield, you can prevent damage to your body. You will get to see the Golden Body Shield which is Legendary. Most of the pro players use this Apex legends legendary items

  • The benefit of a golden body shield is that by using one of your shield cells recharge two slots of your body shield. And with this you can recover your health quickly.

White Body Shield

You get two slots inside the white body shield.

Blue Body Shield

You get three slots inside the blue body shield.

Purple Body Shield / How much health does a purple knockdown shield have?

You get four slots inside the purple epic body shield. and Epic (purple): 750 HP barrier

So I hope you find this guide to Apex legends legendary items. What They Do? Must have learned a lot from the article. If you need more updates of Apex legends game, then you can visit our website again. And you can also subscribe to our website.

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