New PVE Teaser in Apex Legends Fight Night

So today we are going to talk about New PVE Teaser Apex Legends and the new trailer Apex Legends Fight Night Story from the Outlands. So what we got to see inside that teaser, I am going to give you a full explanation. So without wasting time let’s get started.

Apex Legends Fight Night Explained

First we got to see a very cool , Skyline of Olympus. And we also got to see the parents company of Lifeline in it and also saw the Silva pharma of Octane. And we also got to see from a lot of different companies of Titanfall inside this teaser. There were also many companies like IMC, Vincent Dynamics, Huanyon Defense and many more.

Apex Legends Fight Night
Image Source: Youtube
Apex Legends Fight Night
Image Source: Youtube

Before we talk about the Major Lore, let us look at a picture in which the tribute has given to Forge in the picture boxing picture Frames he was Posing.

Pathfinder heirloom based on this picture
Image Source: Youtube

Now the cinematic took place eight years ago in 2725.

Image Source: Youtube

but you may have also caught on that a lot of this video wasn’t taking place in the same year.

fight night caustic lore
Image Source: Youtube

As well as If we look at the memory of Path Finder, then we will have to think about who this Guy. The Heirloom from Path Finder was based on this guy and His name is Victor Maldera and he used to be a police officer but he was discharged because of the Nox case and he was actually mentioned in lore going all the way back to season 1.

Victor Maldera apex legends fight night
Image Source: Youtube

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What is “QW” in Apex Legends | Stories from the Outlands – “Apex Legends Fight Night” Trailer?

fight night who is QW
Image Source: Youtube

If we get another character that we get to see, QW this phone call is received by someone from him. In the past he had contracted with Crypto and Mila, so we could not expect that we would see him in the future.

Memories of PathFinder in Apex Legends Fight Night Trailer

If we look at the Memories of the second Path Finder, inside that we get to see let’s start with 2658 which is he was a weather bot and this is around 74 years from when the apex games took place and it does appear like path finder was reporting on the Typhon explosion live.

Updates on Typhon Apex legends fight night
Image Source: Youtube

but more on this if you look really closely to the news headline it does appear like the IMC forces are heading over to Gridiron.

pathfinder was working as baby seating
Image Source: Youtube

After 25 years, we get to see Path Finder start working as a baby seating, so if we talk about it then there is no use because there will be a lot of theories needed here, so let’s talk about something else.

fight night apex legends
Image Source: Youtube

And 25 years after that we get to see that Revenant kills Loba’s parents. And if we talk, within season 4 Path Finder says that I used to work in this restaurant.

pathfinder pilot in apex legends
Image Source: Youtube

After 10 years in 2718 Path Finder was a pilot, we can see it in the spaceship.

pathfinder defusing a bomb
Image Source: Youtube

4 years after that 2722 he is defusing a bomb which may be relating to defuse as this is technically 11 years before the game takes place.

Image Source: Youtube

And then later pathfinder witnesses the fire at Humber labs as he does appear to be some sort of cleaner or even washer and then a year later pathfinder breaks a vase with a duster which is 2724 but this is where in 2725 he gets fired from a job for breaking some dishes and he also witnesses a murder.

With all being said pathfinder is there to witness a lot of the different legends Lore.

Wattson parents in fight night trailer apex legends
Image Source: Youtube

But one of the most important things we will also get to see in 2000 is when 74 years ago when the game Taking Place and pathfinder is talking to what is presumed to be his creator with the heavy french accent and also the last name starting with a P it is expected to be the last name Paquette and relate to Wattson which maybe this is her mother or grandmother.

This thing is very important that whenever Path Finder refers to its creator as a he, it most likely Wattson’s father who created pathfinder. And that woman talks to Only Path Finder during this memory.

Apex Legends Path Finder’s First Grapples

Path Finder's First Grapples
Image Source: Youtube

The path finder here grapples with the hook is the first grapples of the path finder. And whatever fight you have shown here is made for future content, as i will assume it’s a hint at the upcoming PVE Mode i think it’s extremely coincidental that we got recolored drop ships

and pathfinder was fighting specters on them and it is expected for the Upcoming PVE mode specters will be coming out of recolor dropships so this does appear to be just an early on the teaser.

We have seen this thing at the end of the Apex Legends Fight Night trailer, when inside the path finder suddenly wakes up, a woman’s face is seen in the memory of the pathfinder and on her face we see a feature like Wattson. Such as blue colored eyes, nose structure like Wattson.

Wattson mom apex legends
Image Source: Youtube

We got to see a lot of Lore inside this video and we also expect a lot of things inside this video that we will get to see all these things in the future.

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