Apex Legends leaked skins for new events: Chinatown Market, War Games & Golden Week

Here you will get to see all Apex Legends Chinatown Market, War Games & Golden Week Skins Sale New Skins. which you can see below.

Apex Legends Leaked Chinatown Market Skins

A bunch of Unreleased Apex Legend skins and costumes have been leaked after the update of the Chaos Theory event by data miners. Set to release upcoming events and crossovers within which Var Games, Golden Week, and Collab with Chinatown Market Event.

But here a lot of data miners (Shrugtal & Sanguine) have found skins from inside the data files which you will see below.

Lifeline: (Mic Check) skin

Bloodhound: (Sundown Desperado) skin

Wraith: (Ringside) Skin

Leaked Mirage Edition Skin

The first costumes which are coming out are not inside any event, it is coming out from inside Mirage’s edition. inside we will get to see the miracle skin of Mirage, Apex coins, Weapon Skin for a fixed price. The name of this skin is the show stopper.

Apex legends Leaked War Games Event Skins

After the Chaos Theory, the event which is about to be launched also comes with a war game event. Where you will get to see a lot of recolors skins of the Iron Crown event.

Wraith: Queen’s Guard

Mirage: Swish-buckler

Pathfinder: The Burgundy Knight

Bloodhound: Royal Huntsmaster

Gibraltar: Blood and Thunder Skin

Lifeline: Ghost Stalker Skin

Revenant: Guerilla Ghoul Skin

Leaked Skins of Golden Week

Finally we have got to see the skins of the Golden week event inside the game files inside Apex Legends. We can expect this event within the last week of Apex Legends Season 8.

We may get to see this event before season 9 starts, Apex Legends tries every time to bring in something new in front of all the players. you will get to see the skins of the golden week event below.

Bloodhound: Royal Livery

Octane recolor: Oni’s Shadow Skin

So here were some skins like Chinatown Market, War Games & Golden Week which were new event skins, If you want more such information, then you can visit our website again. You can also subscribe to our website so that you will get notifications whenever new posts will be uploaded on our website.


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