Apex Legends Audio issues, Bug Report & Crashes Problem Fix

Today we will tell you here that Apex Legends Audio issues, Bug Report & Crashes Problem Fix. Today we will tell you about how you can fix all these problems step by step. So let’s know in detail why all these problems happening.

Apex Legends Audio issues Fixed

Right now everyone facing this problem that they are having audio issues inside Apex Legends. Lead Game Director of Apex Legends Statement Line He is going to bring a lot of improvement in audio. In which all these things are included which will see you below.

  • Falling / Flying Sound is added. Many times what happens is that your enemies land on your side and you don’t even know, because his audio problem was there. this Apex Legends Audio issues Fixed.
  • Returning thousands of footstep audio events.
  • They also move footstep audio so it will permanently reside in memory instead of streaming in seeing as depending on the situation some platforms would overload and bottleneck so these improvements when they eventually get added should solve the no footstep audio. this Apex Legends Audio issues Fixed.
  • They have also increased the volume and falloff of jumps and land.
  • Dynamic mixing of enemy footsteps vs other sound events.
  • Occlusion improvements to help with enemy location awareness. this Apex Legends Audio issues Fixed.

Apex Legends Bug Report

  • Recently a bug came in. Many players used to spawn at the same place inside the Apex legends.
  • And the latest bug that is going on now, which is slow motion, the whole server runs in slow motion.
  • Recently a bug was also going on, we could have flown on Rampart’s sheila with crypto’s drone.
  • And there is also a bug in which we get a notification that the server is full and after that, they kick us from the game to the server selection menu.
  • Now there was a bug in which we used to see a very long name where we get kill notifications.
  • The famous bug, you will know inside which if we take the trident over the jump pad, then jump pad throws the trident very far.
  • And here was also the Apex Legends Audio issues bug. What I told you above is how to Apex Legends Audio issues Fixed.

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Apex Legends Crashes

If your Apex Legends crashes immediately upon starting the game, then you can use these steps so that you will not have to face this problem further. If you are having apex legends crash on startup, apex legends crash on game start, then you can follow these steps.

  1. First you open Steam library.
  2. inside that you go to properties inside Apex Legends.
  3. Then you will see an option above, click on the local files.
  4. Then in the last option, inside that you have to select ” VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES .. “
  5. It will take some time to download some files which are missing inside the files of your game.

After that you have to check all these things.

  1. Then you have to stay in the properties of Apex Legends and within the local file you will see the first option Browse Local Files. You have to select that option.
  2. Then you will reach the main file of Apex Legends and you will see an option that you have to go inside EasyAntiCheat.
  3. After that, you have to open EasyAntiCheat_setup.
  4. You have to check that the Apex legends have been selected there or not.
  5. After that, you see an option below and you have to click on the repair service.
  6. It will take some time then it will complete.

Then you have to go to the properties of Apex Legends and make some changes.

  • In the properties of Apex Legends, you have to go to the Compatibility tab and there you can check whether your “Disable Fullscreen optimization” option is selected.
  • And after that you apply.

After all these, you should check whether your graphics card Drive and Windows Update are updated.

After that, you will find a space inside which you have to type +fps_max 180 by going to the properties of Apex Legends and General tab> launch options. I typed 180 here, you have to type as much as the maximum FPS you are getting in-game.

I hope your Apex Legends Audio issues, Bug Report & Crashes Problem are fixed. If you want this type of details, then you can visit our website. If you want more details about Apex Legends or PC Games, then you can also subscribe to our website. For that I have to click the bell icon below.

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