Among Us Map Guide, Tips, Locations and More

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Here in this article we are going the give you all information about Among Us Map Guide, Tips & Locations, and more, so if you are interested then read the full article.

Maps play an important role while playing the game, you need to learn all the locations in the maps and all tasks available in that location and hiding locations, and vent locations, and many more, if you have learned the map correctly and The map is printed in your Mind, then there is many chances of victory, So here in this article, we will let you know about all the maps and their locations, and few tips.

Among Us Map Overview:

Every map is made up of different locations and tasks, Each map is released separately and with the map, new tasks and locations are coming.

The map which will be played is selected before the game starts while creating the Room or while joining the room there is a map selected in every room along with the number of imposters and maximum players which is in the customize section in the lobby.

List Of Maps:

NameRelease Date
The Skeld15 June 2018
MIRA HQ8 August 2019
Polus12 November 2019
The Airship31 March 2021
Map 5TBA

The Skeld:

The Skeld was the First Map Added to Among Us which is released on June 15, 2018, This map is the second smallest map in the game, and it has 14 different locations and 17 different tasks.


MIRA HQ was the second map added to the Among Us and it is the originally paid content along with its skin bundle, It is the smallest map in the game, It was released on August 8, 2019, and it has 14 different locations and 19 Different Tasks, Now it is available to all Players in Free.


Polus was the Third Map released on Among Us on 12 November 2019, and it is the Paid content along with Polus skin Bundles, later then it is available to all Players free of cost, It is the Second Largest Map in the game, and it has 14 different locations and 24 different tasks.

The Airship:

The Airship was the Fourth Map released on Among Us On March 31, 2021, The Map is currently the largest Map available in this game, and it is available free to all players, and It has two new Objects added Moving Platforms and Ladders, and it has 20 Different Locations and 23 Different Tasks.

Why Should you need To Learn the Maps and Locations:

Looking for tips on How to play Among Us Map so first, you need to take intimate knowledge about each among Us map, then it will increase your chances of winning the game, The very important thing is to learn all the locations of every room on the Map.

Tips For Imposter:

If you’re an imposter then you must figure out that where the Emergencies takes place in The Map, you have to eliminate the player which is going to press the emergency meeting button, and There are different emergencies locations In different maps, so you need to learn all the Emergencies location of all maps.

You also have to learn which vent will lead you to which location, because vents help you to see what’s happening in the room without entering the room.

Even you need to learn which parts of the map that security camera can see and where the second stages of common tasks like wiring could end up.

Which Map is Best For Beginners?

You Need to Start From The Skeld map, if you are a beginner, it is easy to start and learning is also easy on this Map because this map is very Small.

Among Us Map Guide, Tips, Locations and More
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Guys we have given you a lot of Tips today, if you want more tips or if you want a separate article For Among Us Tips then Comment on this Article we will give the article as soon as possible.

Which Among Us map is the best?

The Skeld was the best map to play and was the only suitable free without glitches map in the year 2019, Now also maximum people play Skeld map because it is an easy and not much short map as people want big maps.

Which is the most difficult map in Among Us?

Unlike the Skeld MIRA HQ was a very small and more intimate map, This makes the Map difficult to win as a group of Big Imposter, the Players will spawn in either Launchpad or in the Cafeteria.

Will there be a 5th map in Among Us?

Yes, Innersloth has announced in Summer Fest 2021 that the Hit Online coop Multiplayer game will receive the Fifth Map Soon.

What is map 5 in Among Us?

Map 5 was an upcoming fifth map for Among Us, It was announced initially at the Summer Fest on June 10, 2021, and there is nothing Information and Leaks available for Map 5.

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